Águilas has been a port city since Roman times and is now a favourite holiday destination for people across Spain and increasingly, from the rest of Europe.

It’s a very pretty town, perfectly placed with its mountain backdrop and beautiful bays and coves along the coast. It has all the amenities and services of a great tourist resort yet manages to maintain its unique Spanish character.

There is much to see and do in and around Águilas. You can climb and hike in the mountains or swim and dive in the beautifully clear waters of the Med.

You can travel to historic Lorca, to see the famous Porch of San Antonio, go to nearby Vera to see the bullring there or take a trip to Cartegena to see the remains of the Roman Ampitheatre.

With all this history on Águilas’s doorstep and over 30 km of coast, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to stay here.

Águilas has four beautiful Blue Flag beaches, Levante, Las Delicias, La Colonia and Calabardina. It also has a Blue Flag Marina, Club Náutico de Águilas, where you’ll find schools for sailing and diving and access to a range of other water sports.

All of these beaches have excellent facilities for people with disabilities so that no matter what your level of ability, you can still enjoy the beach and have a swim in the sea.

You can practice all kinds of water sports here including windsurfing and sailing but this coastline is especially great for diving.

Along the coast you’ll also find over 30 secluded and lovely coves and you should definitely pay a visit to Mar Menor, Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, where you may catch sight of flocks of pink flamingos.

The water and mud of the lagoon are meant to have healing properties, especially beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.