The Magic of Mojácar

Many people throughout time have been drawn to this beautiful corner of Spain, for the enchanting streets of Mojácar's Pueblo and the feel of fine sand under foot at Mojácar Playa.

You get a real sense of history in the Pueblo's winding maze of cobbled streets and sugar cube houses, reflecting the town's Moorish past.

Mojácar is also a great base for exploring more of Almería, from the Cabo de Gata to the Wild West theme parks of Tabernas; you'll find the people here open, warm and welcoming wherever you go.

More reasons to like Mojácar

Reason One: The atmospheric Pueblo is filled with history, from the streets to the famous fountain where once a great speech averted a battle.

Reason Two: Mojácar Playa's beaches are superb. La Rumina is excellent for safe swimming and the Blue Flag Cueva del Lobo is fantastic for windsurfing and sailing.

Reason Three: The town is close to fascinating places; explore the old bullring at Vera, the magnificent Alhambra Palace in Grenada or classic movie sets at Mini Hollywood.

Reason Four: The weather here is reliably warm and dry; Cabo de Gata Natural Park is meant to be the driest and possibly the hottest place in Europe.

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It’s easy to see why Mojácar is called the Corner of Enchantment as you wander through its winding cobbled streets, lined with sugar cube houses overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

Mojácar has a rich history. It’s one of the few places in Southern Spain where Moors and Christians lived side by side and you can still depend on a warm welcome at any of the town’s excellent restaurants and shops.

The town has retained much of its original character, from the Moorish fortress, El Torreón, to the Arch of Luciana and its winding maze of streets sprinkled with shops and stalls.

Mojácar’s location puts it in close proximity to many fascinating attractions, towns and fantastic beaches. Just two kilometres away from Mojácar Pueblo is its beach resort, Mojácar Playa.

There are 17km of beaches, including three that fly a Blue Flag. The beach area has been designated a protected natural area, which has preserved its unspoilt beauty.

Blue Flag La Rumina beach, at the mouth of the river Aguas, is perfect for kids. The level dark sand is great for building sand castles and the sea is safe for paddling, splashing and swimming.

Cueva del Lobo beach has a Blue Flag and is great for families and those who enjoy sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing or volleyball on the beach.

Cueva del Lobo, El Descargador and El Cantal beaches have excellent facilities for anyone with a disability, so your mobility need never prevent you from enjoying the sands or going for a cooling swim.

It can feel as if you’ve found your own private beach at La Granatillas or El Sombrerico coves and there are plenty more like them along the coast.

Nudists will appreciate the secluded beaches too, but you just need to travel along the coast to Vera for Spain’s biggest naturist beach.